About us

The activity of 'Green city - 2004' Ltd company is orientated to the investment and the realization of residential, administrative and bussiness buildings in the territory of whole Sofia.

The firm 'Green city - 2004' Ltd. has builded separated 'Residential building with shops and garages' on 'Tzar Boris III' blv. N: 163, in 'Krasno selo' region. The object has unfold builded area of 5 200 sq.m. and the place is property of the firm.

Since 1998, in cooperation and under a different name, the leaders of the firm had participated as investors in building and bringing to exploatation of the projects below:
- Residential building with unfolded builded area 13 000 square metres in residential district 'Mladost IV', on 'Alexander Malinov' blv.
- Three residential buildings with unfolded builded area 11 000 square metres in residential district 'Dianabad', 24, on 'Nikola Gabrowski' blv.
- Trade administartive complex 'Silver Centre' with unfolded building area 12 500 square metres in residential district 'Lulin - VI', on 'Djavaharlal Neru' blv.

Green city - 2004' LTD works in close cooperation with high-qualified and demonstrated executers of building projects. In the realization of our projects we use up-to-date technologies, we stake on quality when choosing the materials. And the interesting, breaked up vision of our architects and their innovatory ideas have turned us into worthy competitors of approbated names in the building business.